The Computer Graphics Tablet

The Computer Graphic Tablet: Limitless


It's your job as an artist, a designer, a visionary, a human being… to create! Beautiful artwork, inspired design, moving symphonies; they all start out when pencil meets paper. All one has to do is find that creative impulse, corner it, and cast it out onto paper. However, times change.

We live in a digital world. Algorithms and equations and other not fun stuff. No more pencils. Or are there? Meet the computer graphics tablet! (or digitizer if you want to sound smart) It's your own personal interface, a translator, a portal between the barely contained explosions of creativity inside of you and the limitless audience of people (and paychecks) you can finally reach through the web!

Gone are the days of tedious point and click mouse-driven-digital "drawings". We have more important things to do! Beauty to create!

Forget the numbers and coordinates of CAD! You need to get to the business of building your dreams!

The keyboard too loud? Too crampt? Or just doesn't have what you want it to? Now you can write, literally, whatever you want!

  • A handcrafted smily face in an email!
  • Notes and commendations on your students digital homework!
  • A personal touch to that big presentation for your clients!
  • A letter to your pen pal on Beijing, written in traditional mandarin!

All this and everything else is within your grasp.  All you need is a graphics tablet.  Let's get started.